Política de envío

shipping policy

What is the shipping cost?

The cost of shipping on the ZAPAZONE website depends on the location of the address, to generalize we say that shipping is free in 24 hours since it has no cost for mainland Spain.

ZAPAZONE. will not assume any amount derived or generated by erroneous or misplaced addresses (both in the billing address and the shipping address). If there is any error in the data provided by the client, it will be your obligation to assume the expenses that are generated or derived from the error.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is between 24 and 48 working hours from when the package leaves our central warehouse. Orders are prepared and shipped from Monday to Friday from our facilities in Elche, as long as it is a business day.

Keep in mind that orders are prepared and leave our warehouse on the same day for purchases made until 12:00 noon from Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 3:00 p.m., during the weekend or on holidays, will be processed the next business day.

For example, if you placed the order on Friday afternoon/evening, it will not be prepared until Monday, so you would receive it on Tuesday/Wednesday. However, if you placed the order on Tuesday morning, you would receive it Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the destination location.

Shipments to the Balearic Islands and certain areas of the peninsular territory may have a delay of approximately one day over the indicated periods.

In periods of sales or special promotions, as well as on specific dates, delivery times may be longer than usual.

We do not guarantee deliveries at specific and specific times. If the buyer indicates a specific delivery date or within it shows a preference for a certain time slot, it will be understood that he does so as a guideline.

If we are unable to deliver, the carrier will make another attempt. In the event that we are unable to make the delivery on this second attempt, the carrier will leave you a notification in this regard.

Additionally, if when the courier comes to your home you have changed your opinion about your purchase, you reject the package and do not sign the delivery acceptance. In this case, we would proceed to pay the amount in the same method in which the payment was made, according to our usual conditions.

How can I know if my package has already been shipped?

You can track your order by accessing your user panel. As soon as the package leaves our warehouse you will have access to the tracking number of your order.

Sometimes and depending on the destination franchise, the carrier will send you an e-mail or SMS when they place your package for delivery. If you receive it and you are not going to be at home that day, you can contact them to agree on a new delivery or pick-up date at the carrier's office closest to your home.

What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

You have a maximum period of ten (10) days before the package is sent back to its origin. So, please, if after our usual delivery time you have not received your package, please contact the carrier to agree on a new delivery or pick-up date at your nearest CORREOS office.

Do you ship to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands or the European Union?


Shipping costs are €3.99, we ship with CORREOS EXPRESS within a delivery time of 3 to 5 days.


The shipping costs are €8.99, we ship with SPRING with a delivery time of 10 to 12 days, these shipments are exempt from DUA, that is why documentation may arrive with a different amount than the one that has been paid for the product


Shipping costs are €1.99. We ship with CTT EXPRESS with a delivery time of 48/72H, we DO NOT ship to ISLAS AZORES or MADEIRA.


Shipping costs are calculated in the payment screen, we ship with POST NL with a delivery time of 5 to 7 days.

In all cases we provide a link with the tracking of the product.

If you have any questions, contact us through the e-mail Info@zapazone.com